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Telegram Groups link – Telegram groups is a kind of platform that helps us to keep in touch with our friends, family, and colleagues.

Telegram has many groups. Do you want to join some of the best groups? Are you looking for the groups? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place. We have added a 1000+ Telegram group list for users.

Before you move forward towards the best Telegram group, there is some basic stuff that should be shared with you. I know many of you are familiar with it, but many are new to this.

Why Telegram Groups Is in Trend

You could skip this part if you already know. It was not a long time ago when we use SMS to send messages. For sending SMS, the user needs to recharge their phone with a message pack, but now the scene has changed.

The SMS services are replaced by instant messaging like WhatsApp telegram etc. These applications have many advantages, and this is the reason that these applications have completely replaced SMS service.

Sms Domination in past time

In the traditional SMS service, the users can have limited access to send messages to, but now with these applications, one can send as many words as one wants. 

Because of the group feature in Telegram, it has become popular among its uses as well as competitors.

The App’s increasing popularity is due to its unique features like Telegram supergroup and telegram group chat, but here arises a question ‘How to choose the right Telegram group?’ You can be observed that the number of Telegram groups is increasing day by day, and choosing the right group is a very difficult task. So here, our website comes into the picture.

We are committed to doing research, and based on this research, we provide you with the best Telegram group list. By going to our website, you could easily choose the right group from the list of groups we have provided without wasting your precious time. Below is the list of popular categories, and by clicking on each link, you will see the top best groups of that category.


 What is Telegram messenger?

Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging service. On this App, you could chat with friends and family. It is available for Android, IOS and PC. It is easy to use, safe, secure, and reliable application. Telegram has an amazing feature called Telegram groups.

 What is the Telegram group?

Telegram groups are used for building community. Here members of a group can communicate, share information, photos, videos, document, business plans, etc. These groups are considered as the best place to get information and knowledge on particular topics.

Types of Telegram groups 

There are two types of Telegram group

  • Basic group 
  • Supergroup

The main difference between the basic group and supergroup is that in the basic group, the MAXIMUM number of members is 200. In the supergroup, the MAXIMUM number of members is 100,000. Basic groups are generally created for friends and family, and supergroups are created for very large communities.

 Features of group

 The main features of the Telegram group are as follows;

 Replies; If a person wants to reply, then he or she has to swipe left on it, then type their message and press on send.

 Mention; To mention to a person that a particular message is intended to him or she, the sender of the message has to press @ and then type the name of the person for whom the message is intended.

 Pinned message; If the admin wants to inform every member of a group about something, then they have to pin the message, and once the message is pinned, it will appear at the top of the conversation.

Different rules in Telegram groups

 The three categories in the Telegram group are creators, admin, and members.

 A creator is a person who creates a group and adds members and make admins. Creator of the group can assign different powers to admin like delete a message, Ban users, change group info, etc. Members are the ones who can see and post a message in the group.

How to create a Telegram group invite Link?

  • 1. Below mentioned are the steps to create Telegram group invite link;
  • 2. Open Telegram and tap on the group icon
  • 3. A new window will appear now tap on add member option
  • 4. Now an option will appear named ‘Invite to group via link’ TAP ON IT
  • 5. Now you will get a group link copy that links and share it to add more members

 How to join the Telegram group?

  We have shared a lot of Telegram invite links. Click on the category of your choice. In every category, you will see a lot of Link from different groups. Click on that link, and you will be redirected to App. After that, click on the join group option. You will become a member of that group.

 How to create a Telegram group?

 There are different ways to create the Telegram group for different users, which is listed below.

 Android phone; To create a group on Android phones, go to the menu icon present on the top left corner. By clicking on that, you could see the option ‘new group’ tap on it and create the new group.

IOS phone; To create the Telegram group on the IOS phone, you have to go to chats and click on the icon, which is on the top left corner of your phone. By doing it, you can now start a new message. Now go to the new group and create a group.

 Windows Phone; To create the Telegram group on Windows phone, go to the telegram app and scroll down in the bottom you can see a plus button click on this button and now click on new group option to create a group.

Advantages of joining through group link


  • ● sharing of knowledge and ideas 
  • ● gain knowledge 
  • ● don’t contain any advertisements 
  • ● business promoting 
  • ● get to know a lot of people 
  • ● useful for companies to discuss business plans 
  • ● for fun purpose


 Here are a few popular questions that people ask;

1. How to find the most active member of the Telegram group?

 There is no way to find the most active member of the Telegram group. It can only be found out by observing who is posting most in the group.

2. Is there a group on Telegram from where I can buy products?

  There are many groups which show deal related to different E-Commerce sites, but you should always prefer buying from original sites.

3. How can we conduct a quiz on the Telegram group?

 Recently Telegram has introduced @VOTE bot for groups. This bot can be used to conduct polls and quizzes.


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